Welcome to The Society of Actuaries in Ireland

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The Society of Actuaries in Ireland is the professional body representing the actuarial profession in Ireland. The Society is dedicated to serving the public by fostering the highest standards of professionalism and competence in actuarial practice.


We are a community of professionals, bringing a unique combination of analytical and business skills and the highest ethical standards to our work for organisations, their customers and society as a whole. 

Our ability to assess and navigate risk and financial uncertainty contributes to the growth and long-term sustainability of our industries and the wider economy.

We are proactive in bringing objective and analytical insight to public debate on matters where we have relevant expertise.


  • To serve and support all our members in their education, their ongoing development and their work so that members, in all types of roles, succeed in their careers and wider contributions. 
  • To foster connection and engagement within the profession and with members’ employers, to support the work of the Society and the profession. 
  • To develop the profile of the profession, promoting the value of the actuarial skillset in navigating the complex financial and risk landscapes within which modern companies operate.
  • To maintain a flourishing, forward-looking profession by harnessing the breadth of experience and perspectives within the membership and continuing to attract diverse and talented individuals to our ranks. 
  • To provide guidance and standards for members in their work to ensure actuarial work is done with integrity, reliability, professionalism and consistency.
  • To influence the education system for actuaries to ensure, in its totality, it remains fit for purpose for members and the organisations in which they operate. 
  • To serve the public interest by contributing as an objective voice on matters where an actuarial perspective can add value.