Maths Tutorials - Higher Level Leaving Certificate 2022/2023

SAI Higher Level Maths Tutorials 2022/23

TUTORIAL SCHEDULE FOR 2023 NOW BELOW - Tutorials to start 22nd Feb 2023

History of the SAI Maths Tutorials Project

In 2013, the Society launched a series of Maths Tutorials covering the Higher Level Leaving Certificate Maths Programme.  An invitation was issued to a small selection of schools to participate in these tutorials.

Since then, the Society has extended this invitation to more schools in the Dublin area and also launched the initiative in Cork for a period. The pandemic moved our programmes online, extending our reach beyond Dublin. For 2022/23 the project has moved back to in-person events to allow for greater interaction between students and tutors. Materials will however continue to be published online for any student wishing to avail of them outside of Dublin.

Academic Year 2022-2023


This year we are running the tutorials in conjunction with Trinity Access Programme and all tutorials will take place within the Trinity University Campus. You can find the location of the Arts Block in Trinity here and here we have a short video to show students where to find it. Some weeks, due to excess student numbers the tutorials will be based over two lecture rooms as shown below. Signage will also be displayed each week guiding you to the tutorials.


Application forms are required to be submitted to attend these tutorials and schools applying this year must be designated as DEIS. Please contact if your school requires further details.

Tutorial Schedule for 2022/2023:

Tutorial Date

Subject covered

Lecture Rooms (Trinity Arts Block)



4050B and 3074



4050A and 3074


Half-Term - No Tutorial




4050B and 3074



4050B and 3074


Co-ordinate Geometry 1



Co-ordinate Geometry 2

4050B, 3081  and 3106 or Mhartin Ui Chadhain Theatre, Arts Block - Final rooms TBC



Robert Emmet Theatre


Complex Numbers

Robert Emmet Theatre

NEW 2023 Tutorials now below

22/02/23 Calculus 1

Robert Emmet Theatre

01/02/23 Calculus 2

Robert Emmet Theatre

08/02/23 Probability & Stats 1

Robert Emmet Theatre

15/02/23 Probability & Stats 2

Robert Emmet Theatre

22/02/23 Financial Maths

Robert Emmet Theatre

29/02/23 Revision Session

Robert Emmet Theatre

All sessions will take place between 6.00pm and 8.00pm.


Tutorial material covered in 2022/23 will be available in PDF format below:

19.10 2022 - Algebra 1 - QuestionsSolutions

26.10.2022 - Algebra 2 - QuestionsHints & TipsSolutions

09.11.2022 - Trigonometry 1 - QuestionsHints & TipsSolutions

16.11.2022 - Trigonometry 2 - Questions, Hints & Tips, Solutions 

23.11.2022 - Co-ordinate Geometry 1 - Questions,  Hints & Tips, Additional Questions, Solutions & Additional Questions Sheet Solutions

30.11.2022 - Co-ordinate Geometry 2 - QuestionsHints & Tips & Solutions

07.12.2022 - Revision - Questions, Hints & Tips & Solutions

14.12.2022 - Complex Numbers - QuestionsHints & Tips & Solutions


Question Sheets will be posted to this page a week before each tutorial. During the tutorial, Tutors will work through the solutions and answer any questions you may have.

Solutions and Hints and Tips (where appropriate) will be posted here the day after each tutorial.

If you have your own log books and calculators, please bring along to help you with your workings.

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