Becoming an Actuary

In order to qualify and practice as an actuary in Ireland, there are a number of requirements including registration with the appropriate actuarial bodies and completing the necessary exams.

The links below should provide you with all of the information you will need to begin your career as an actuary:


Additional information is also avalable in our brochures below.


Content Overview  

Becoming an Actuary

This booklet provides a guide to a career as an actuary.  It is suitable for school leavers, parents, teachers, university students, career guidance counsellors and other members of the public who are interested in the role of actuaries in Ireland. Becoming An Actuary


Guide for Student Actuaries in Ireland

This guide provides information to familiarise you with the Society of Actuaries in Ireland, the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA), which is the examining body, and to provide practical advice in terms of the actuarial exams. 

00S-2-Student Actuaries (Sep 2019)