Unlocking the True Potential of Enterprise Risk Management

Submitted on 7th September 2017

Six steps to improve your company’s financial performance1. Risk appetite: Add greater discipline to decision making by aligning your company’s ability and willingness to take risk 2. Measurement of risk exposures: Determine the top 10 risks that drive most of the volatility in key financial metrics 3. Dynamic financial planning: Deepen your company’s understanding of the uncertainty embedded within your business plan to seize on new opportunities effectively 4. Risk-adjusted portfolio strategy: Integrate risk into strategic decision making to improve the risk-return performance of your company’s business portfolio 5. Data and reporting: Draw better risk, finance, and strategy insights from data integrated from across all businesses 6. Risk culture: Foster increased risk awareness and a cultural transformation

Oliver Wyman
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20 pages
Alex Wittenberg, Mark Pellerin, Damian West
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