A Risk Intelligent view of reputation: An outside-in perspective

This publication is the 22nd whitepaper in Deloittes series on Risk Intelligence. The concepts and viewpoints it presents build upon those in the first whitepaper in the series, The Risk Intelligent Enterprise: ERM Done Right, as well as subsequent titles. The series includes publications that focus on roles (The Risk Intelligent CIO, The Risk Intelligent Board, etc.); industries (The Risk Intelligent Technology Company, The Risk Intelligent Energy Company, etc.); and issues (The Risk Intelligent Approach to Corporate Responsibility, Risk Intelligence in a Downturn, etc.). You may access all the whitepapers in the series free of charge at www.deloitte.com/us/RiskIntelligence. This particular paper in the series has been developed in collaboration with RiiR Ltd., a firm specializing in managing risk to reputation issues for businesses and other organizations. It contains ideas and concepts from RiiR. Unfettered communication is a key characteristic of the Risk Intelligent Enterprise. We encourage you to share this whitepaper with colleagues executives, board members, and key managers at your company. The issues outlined herein will serve as the starting point for the crucial dialogue on raising your companys Risk Intelligence.

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