The Impact of Enterprise Risk Management on the Internal Audit Function

Submitted on 7th September 2017

This exploratory study provides evidence about factors associated with the overall impact of enterprise risk management (ERM) on the internal audit function’s activities. Based on responses from 122 organizations in several countries, we find that ERM has the greatest impact on internal audit’s activities when (a) the organization’s ERM process is more completely in place, (b) the CFO and audit committee have called for greater internal audit activity related to ERM, (c) the chief audit executive’s (CAE) tenure is longer, (d) the organization is in the banking industry or is an educational institution, and (e) the internal audit function has provided more ERM leadership. We offer implications and future research directions.

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Kennesaw State University
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20 pages
Mark S Beasley, Richard Clune, and Dana Hermanson.
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