Health Insurance in the Netherlands: The Effect of Socio-Demographic Factors on the Individuals Level of Health Insurance Coverage

Submitted on 29th July 2015

This study determines the effect of the socio-demographic factors gender, age, income, parenthood status, health status, health history, risk attitude towards health and susceptibility to informational influence on the individuals level of health insurance coverage, within the context of the Dutch health insurance system in 2011. The levels of health insurance coverage under study were the level of additional deductible and the level of complementary health insurance coverage. The
individuals level of additional deductible was based on actual choices, while their level of complementary health insurance coverage was determined using a framework of complementary heath insurances; by counting the number of complementary health insurances the individual had selected from the framework, a hypothetical level of complementary health insurance coverage was obtained.

Erasmus University Rotterdam
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Marco van Ree
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