Antecedents in Developing a Risk Culture in Public Listed Companies (PLCs): Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Submitted on 7th September 2017

The new paradigm shift in risk management is Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). This is considered as the best approach to risk management as it deals with issues on globalization, industry competition, and socialization. One of the fundamental components of ERM framework is risk culture. The implementation of ERM can fail when the organization has a weak risk culture. This study aims to develop a conceptual study and seeks to examine the antecedents that contribute in developing a risk culture such leadership, accountability, competencies and risk management (infrastructure) in Public Listed Companies (PLCs). The main instrument used is a structured questionnaire which will be distributed to Risk Managers of 262 Public listed companies. The data will analyse using Statistic Package Social System (SPSS).

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Proceedings of the 1st AAGBS Conference on Business Management 2014
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8 pages
Khairunnisa Yussof, Yon Bahiah Wan Aris, Nur Aina Abd Jalil
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