Strategy Plan

The Society's vision for the actuarial profession in Ireland is:

"Actuaries are recognised by our clients and policymakers as the leading profession in the use of financial modelling and risk management skills to enhance the long-term financial position of individuals and institutions." 

Our Role as the professional body representing actuaries is:  

  • To develop the role and standing of the actuarial profession in Ireland and enhance its reputation;

  • To support actuaries throughout their career so that they have the skills, attributes and knowledge appropriate to both current and future needs of actuarial practice;

  • To develop, maintain and enforce actuarial standards that require actuaries to advise their clients with integrity, professionalism and objectivity. 

 In order to deliver on this Role, our goals are to:  

  • Enable the profession to grow rapidly and attract high quality people;

  • Position the profession such that it is held in high regard by clients and policymakers and has a leadership role in the measurement and management of risk in the financial world;

  • Position the profession as a dynamic profession with the skills and competencies to move on to new areas;

  • Enable the profession to sustain strong regulatory positions;

  • Add value for members;

  • Support members in keeping actuarial and business skills relevant and up to date;

  • Enable the profession to play a full role in the global actuarial profession;

  • Successfully input on behalf of the profession on public policy and wider business issues. 


The Strategy Plan sets out the specific actions that we will take over the three-year period of the Plan in order to fulfil our Role.