Strategy Plan

Our Vision

The Society's Vision for the actuarial profession in Ireland is that:

"Actuaries are trusted as experts in evaluating risk and financial uncertainty

Our Mission 

With this Vision in mind, our Mission is: 

  1. To support actuaries throughout their career so that they have the skills, attributes and knowledge appropriate to their roles and the current and future needs of actuarial practice; 
  2. To develop, maintain and enforce actuarial standards that require actuaries to advise their clients with integrity, professionalism and objectivity; 
  3. To serve the public interest by promoting thought leadership and contributing as an independent voice on matters where an actuarial perspective can add value.

Strategy Plan 2020-23

The Society’s Strategy Plan 2020–23 sets out in detail the specific actions that we will take over the three-year period of the Plan in order to fulfil our Mission.

The Strategy Plan 2020–23 (One Page Summary) sets out an overview of our Vision, our Mission, and our Strategic Themes and Strategic Objectives.


Our Strategic Themes and Aspirations

Member Proposition

  • A career as an actuary is an attractive proposition to a diverse range of students.
  • The Society is recognised as an inclusive organisation that supports its members throughout their careers.
  • Members are engaged, have a good understanding of the work of the Society and value the range of support and development opportunities provided.
  • Members are enabled to reach out into new areas of work (including wider fields).
  • Members are open to volunteering for Society work and value the personal rewards of this activity.

Employer Proposition

  • The Society and its members adapt to meet the needs of a changing environment.
  • Employers have a good understanding of the work of the Society and place a value on the FSAI designation as a mark of quality.
  • Employers are supportive of their employees’ volunteering commitments to the Society.

Professionalism and Standards

  • The Society’s framework of professional standards and supports is fit for purpose.
  • Members have a good understanding of their professional obligations.
  • Members are willing to act on their concerns in regard to unethical practices or poor work standards.

Thought Leadership

  • The Society retains the trust and respect of policymakers and relevant industry supervisors and is seen as having an independent voice.
  • The insights and expertise of the Society and its members are welcomed by other professional bodies and industry sectors.
  • The Society provides informed and objective position statements on matters of public interest.
  • The Society promotes the benefits of, and actively supports, new actuarial research.



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