Society joins CERA Global Association

We are pleased to announce that the Society of Actuaries in Ireland has joined the CERA Global Association as an Acceding Party.

We are proud to count among our members nearly 100 Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuaries (CERAs), most of whom were awarded the credential by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) following completion of a rigorous process of education and training in risk management. We are committed to supporting actuaries working in risk management, for example by providing a comprehensive programme of continuing professional development activities and networking opportunities. Our membership of the CERA Global Association further demonstrates our support for the CERA credential and our belief that actuaries have a strong role to play in risk management, not only in finance and insurance but in non-traditional fields too.

As an Acceding Party, the Society is not entitled to award the CERA credential directly to members. That would require us to become an Award Signatory member of the CERA Global Association. We are currently examining the obligations involved and we hope to make an application to become an Award Signatory in due course.


Please note: If you were awarded the CERA credential by the IFoA, you are entitled to use the designation while you are a member of the IFoA or another actuarial association that is an Award Signatory member of the CERA Global Association. Terms and conditions apply, such as that you must comply with the IFoA’s professional regulation framework. Similar provisions apply if you were awarded the CERA designation by another CERA Global Association Award Signatory. If you have any questions on the use of the CERA designation, please contact the CERA Administrator, Thomas Evans, at