SAI to establish a "Wider Fields" Member Interest Group

The Society of Actuaries in Ireland has decided to establish a "Wider Fields" Member Interest Group.
This will be similar to the UK Actuarial Profession's Resource and Environment Member Interest Group (see…) except that it will have a wider remit.
The Wider Fields Member Interest Group is being set up for actuaries who have interests that lie outside the traditional actuarial areas.  Taking part will give you an opportunity to explore subjects such as climate change, population growth, resource depletion, limits to economic growth, and other subjects outside the traditional actuarial areas with other actuaries who have similar interests to you.  It will also be an opportunity to shape thinking on what the actuarial community here can do in this space.  For example, how can we raise awareness and understanding of the social and business implications of climate change and resource depletion?  How can we provide thought leadership on how these and other challenges might be addressed?  Should we carry out research in these areas?  How can we keep ourselves well informed on work that is going on in other organisations here and overseas?  Can we get involved in that work and help stakeholders here to benefit from it?

The Wider Fields Member Interest Group will not be as formal or structured an arrangement as the Society's Committees and Working Parties.  The members of the Group will be able to shape the agenda and how the Group operates.
This initiative was suggested by Colm Fitzgerald, a Fellow of the Society, who has kindly agreed to lead the Group.
If you would like to be involved, please email the Society at