Start Time: 5:30pm

End Time: 6:30pm

Online: Zoom

Webinar: The Entrepreneurial Sports Actuary: John Dewan

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In this event, John will present an overview of his career, followed by a moderated Q&A session. There will also be an opportunity for Q&A from attendees. For those interested in sport, entrepreneurialism or simply how actuaries can have an impact in a wider field, this event is not to be missed.

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Biographical details

John Dewan began his career with Aon, but eventually merged his statistical background with his passion for baseball to become a ‘sports actuary’ in the 1980s. 

Through his work as the executive director of Project Scoresheet and then as a co-founder and CEO of STATS, Inc., John led the creation of the systems and techniques necessary to collect accurate, comprehensive and timely baseball data. After selling STATS in 2000, he set up what is now known as Sports Info Solutions, which serves teams in the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball, as well as companies such as ESPN. He is also the author of five volumes of The Fielding Bible, widely viewed as one of the best publicly available sources of defensive baseball data.

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Web Session
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Virtual event
John Dewan, Co-founder and Chairman of Sports Info Solutions
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