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Webinar: Investing for net zero in Ireland and abroad

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“Net zero” carbon emissions is a key aim for many countries and corporations in the battle against climate change. However, reaching net zero requires a significant level of investment to enhance and re-design energy infrastructure globally, with Ireland being no exception. This presents investment opportunities for long-term asset owners to meaningfully contribute to climate change solutions, while earning investment return and managing climate change risks within their portfolio. 

In this webinar, Chris, Sam and George from LCP Delta will present an overview of the existing energy infrastructure in Ireland and explain the enhancements needed to facilitate the transition to net zero and the resulting investment opportunities for asset owners with the appropriate time horizon and risk appetite. Drawing on their experience advising key stakeholders in the Irish and GB energy market, they will outline Ireland’s particular challenges and opportunities.

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Biographical details

Chris is a Partner at LCP Delta, with over 15 years' experience specialising in the modelling and analysis of electricity markets. He has worked with clients both in the UK and internationally, leading projects with government, investors, system operators, regulators and a wide range of industry participants examining the challenges and opportunities facing electricity markets.

Chris leads LCP Delta's long term energy forecasting business in its work on a wide range of projects, from valuations of individual assets (such as battery storage, wind, solar, gas peakers), to exploring the lowest cost pathway to Net Zero power, to finding a portfolio of assets that balances risk and return in a rapidly changing market.


Sam works leads on our external engagement and market insight. He has over 10 years experience within energy policy and public affairs having been a Senior Director at the leading energy trade association and most recently leading the policy team at one of the UK’s largest energy retailers.

Sam has expertise across the breadth of energy policy and has represented the industry on several government expert working groups; most recently looking at the impact of EV deployment on the energy system and separately how to encourage the uptake of low carbon heat solutions to transition to net zero. Sam supports clients with the assessment of the impact of energy policy and the identification of investment opportunities.


George is a Senior Consultant working in LCP's Energy Analytics practice specialising in modelling and analysis of the British and Irish energy markets. George helps clients with a range of real-world problems to help the navigate the energy transition required to reach Net Zero emissions using innovative modelling and analytical techniques and in-depth industry knowledge. This includes providing analysis and insight on operations of individual generation assets, impact of policy changes and challenges and opportunities facing electricity markets.

Previously George was the lead on the UK government’s power sector modelling, providing modelling and insight on how the UK can reach the new Net Zero climate target by 2050 and fully decarbonise the power sector by 2035. During his time in government, he provided analysis and insight to inform a number of power sector policies and strategies including the Net Zero Strategy, British Energy Security Strategy and Energy Whitepaper.


Mark is a partner in LCP’s investment team, supporting the provision of solutions for clients as they grapple with the energy transition and the path to net zero. He works closely with the LCP Delta team to ensure that LCP offers seamless advice to its clients in this area and can help them navigate the critical issues and deploy their capital effectively.

Over the years, Mark has worked with a wide range of clients around the world including pension funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Central Banks, Family Offices, Insurance Companies, Endowments and Corporates and has held CIO and CEO positions across a number of firms. In addition, Mark served on a number of Boards and also chaired the Risk and Audit Committee and the Responsible Investment Working Group of the FCA’s DB and DC Pension Plans.

Mark is a CFA Charter holder, and Chartered Fellow of the Securities institute. He also holds the CFA Certificate in ESG Investing and the Islamic Finance Qualification. Outside of finance he is a qualified Non-Executive Director (FT NED Diploma) and has advised tech companies on scaling their businesses.

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Chris Matson, Sam Hollister, George Martin, Mark Watts. Chris, Sam, Mark and George work with LCP Delta, an energy transition practice within Lane Clark & Peacock LLP.
Chair: Aaron Kilboy, Member of the Finance & Investment Committee
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