22nd - 24th November 2023.

Start time: 7.30 am

End time: 4.30 pm

(Time zone: GMT)

Radisson Collection Hotel, Grand Place Brussels

Global Credit And Operation Risk Management in Banking & Financial Market

Announcement from the Arema International organiser: 

In the realm of finance, effective credit risk management is of utmost importance for upholding financial stability and ensuring profitability. It is an ongoing process that demands continuous adaptation and strategic excellence, while carefully balancing opportunities and uncertainties within the dynamic global economy. Achieving customer prioritization hinges on seamless connectivity and innovative solutions that optimize the available data. During periods of economic growth, investing in credit risk management capabilities adds value and sets your organization apart, particularly when faced with economic downturns. By integrating cutting-edge technologies like AI and ML, alongside real-time actionable data, into your risk management model, you empower strategic decision-making and enhance the overall experience for all stakeholders, from borrowers to lenders. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey of knowledge and collaboration, as we push the boundaries of what’s achievable and collectively shape the future of credit risk management.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate in this conference, where you can acquire up-to-date techniques and best practices for proficiently managing credit risk. Esteemed experts will delve into crucial topics including credit scoring, loan underwriting, and portfolio management. Gain invaluable insights and strategies to guide your organization through the intricate terrain of credit risk management and enable well-informed decision-making. Seize this chance to learn from top industry professionals, network with your peers, and expand your knowledge base in the field.

We bring together professionals from the banking and financial industries to share their knowledge, experiences, and best practices in credit risk management. The conference aims to provide a platform for attendees to learn from advanced speakers and engage in networking opportunities with industry experts. The mission of the conference is to enable attendees to gain insights into the latest trends, strategies, and emerging technologies in credit risk management, and apply these to their respective organizations. Additionally, the conference aims to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among attendees to enhance the overall understanding and management of credit risk in the banking and financial markets

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Event Type
Hybrid Event
Rita Gnutti, Executive Director Internal Validation and Controls, Group Chief Risk Officer area | Nidhi Agarwal, Head of Model Risk Reporting into the CRO |
Shankar Arora, Global Risk Head, Citi Social Finance | Christian Schulthess, CRO - Member of the Senior Management, Sora Bank AG and many more!
Arema International