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Emerging Risks

Announcement from the EAA organiser:

Recent developments and events have put some Emerging Risks in the spotlight, such as geopolitical risk, artificial intelligence, and climate change. However, there is a large number of further topics in the Emerging Risks universe that might warrant equal attention. Their assessment will always have to be specific to the individual company and its activities and requires a good overview and solid understanding of all Emerging Risk as well as their related trends and interconnections.

This web session is suited for all insurance professionals with an interest in risk management and long-term perspectives who want to broaden their horizon and who have an inquisitive mind, irrespective of their current area of work, expertise, or level of seniority.

This web session will allow participants to gain a good overview and solid understanding of Emerging Risk, their related trends, and their interconnections. The main tools to achieve this will be the presentation, discussion, and analysis of industry standard publications on the subject, such as the CRO Forum Emerging Risks Radar. Selected risks and trends will be covered in depth to understand their relevance for actuaries. The event will allow participants to raise questions and to flag areas of special interest.

Technical Requirements: Please check with your IT department if your firewall and computer settings support web session participation (the programme Zoom will be used for this online training). 

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Biographical details

Dr Irene Merk holds graduate degrees in physics and in computer science from RWTH Aachen and is a Certified Enterprise Risk Actuary. Coming from a family of pharmacists, she did her PhD on modelling the human visual system. After joining the reinsurance industry in 2001, Dr Merk moved on to become an actuary and held various roles in reinsurance R&D, pricing, valuation, marketing, underwriting, and risk management. At SCOR, she is in charge of coordinating the life and health aspects of the world-wide internal and external risk reporting and monitoring, such as the various “Own Risk and Solvency Assessments” and the climate change reporting. She also leads the emerging risks process for SCOR’s life and health business. Dr Merk is active in the CRO Forum’s Emerging Risks Initiative, in the NZIA and in various working groups of the German Actuarial Association. 

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Web Session
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Virtual event
Dr Irene Merk
EAA – European Actuarial Academy