Start time: 10.00 am 

End time: 11.00 am

Online: zoom

IMI Webinar: Graduate Development webinar

Announcement from the IMI organiser:

Join us for a webinar on how your organisation can transform the development of your new generation of Gen Z Grad Workers.

Do you want to learn what makes an excellent experience for Gen Z graduates in 2023?

Drawing on our experience with graduate development across global organisations for 25 years, this webinar will give you insights into:

  • What makes graduates tick, and what enhances their onboarding, learning and career pathways.
  • The inhibitors and accelerators for learning programmes, and the key features of a great learning experience.
  • What do your graduates find out about themselves through learning programmes, and how you can help them with mindset shifting.

You can download the brochure for the IMI Graduate Development Programme here.

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Event Type
Web session
Event format
Virtual event
Irish Management Institute (IMI)