Life and Non-Life joint HoAF Forum: How to get into trouble without really trying

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Live event

Start time: 2.00 pm (with tea/coffee available from 1.45 pm)

End time 4.00 pm

Chartered Accountants, House, 47-49 Pearse St, Dublin 2, D02 YN40, Ireland

The session is open to HoAFs and Reviewing Actuaries only and will include case studies covering how HoAFs have to manage their various responsibilities and duties to their employer, their client (if a consultant / auditor), the SAI (and potentially other professional bodies) and the CBI (and potentially other regulators).

It will be in-person only, not recorded, verified and will run for 2 hours.

It will qualify as Professionalism Skills CPD.

This HoAF Forum will be led by Mike Claffey with facilitation help from the HoAF Forum organisers. 

Professionalism Training: This event includes Professionalism Training.

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Personal Development: