Introduction to IFRS9 for Insurers

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European Actuarial Academy (EAA)

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Announcement from the EAA organiser:

Insurance companies are quite busy with IFRS17 and devote relatively little attention to IFRS9, its equivalent on the asset side. The complexity of this standard must however not be underestimated. If not only regular bonds, but also some banking products, appear on the balance sheet, IFRS9 poses quite some challenges.

This training mainly deals with mathematics and statistics, but related topics such as the IT implementation, accounting and governance aspects will also be briefly discussed. Parallels between actuarial work and IFRS9 modelling will be highlighted where appropriate.

At the end of the morning session, the participants will have a high-level view on the IFRS9 standard as a whole, a good insight in the modelling of expected credit losses and stage transfer under IFRS9, as well as clear ideas on how to proceed in practice.

Due to the great success of our first session: “Introduction to IFRS9 for Insurers” in December 2022, we are happy to offer our half day training on “IFRS9 modelling for insurers” once again on 22 May 2023, enhanced with short exercises, practical examples, as well as a hands-on demonstration.

This training is oriented towards quantitatively oriented colleagues working in European insurance companies, such as actuaries, asset managers, or finance-experts with an interest in quantitative modelling.

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David Vanden Abeele
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David Vanden Abeele has been active for over three decades as a specialist in numerical analysis, risk modelling and data science in various areas.
Within the financial sector, he has worked for many years as a validator and as the head of the group-wide risk modelling team of a large international banking & insurance group. He was involved in the modelling of most types of financial risks, including technical (re)insurance risk and the introduction of new standards such as SII.

Since 2017, David works as a partner at, a Belgian vendor of finance and risk software. Credo’s IFRSx platform is used by many Belgian banks for calculating their best estimates of credit risk losses under IFRS9.

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