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IMI Future of Work Series: Survive and Thrive in the Future of Work with James Hewitt

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In most occupations, 30% of the work could already be automated. However, the remaining 70% will be characterized by our most human capabilities - creativity, collaboration and complex problem-solving. Stress and poor recovery is compromising the capabilities we need the most.

With this in mind, to perform at our best sustainably, we need to be able to switch on and be ready to perform whenever we need to, then switch off whenever we want to.

In this inspiring workshop, you will discover cutting-edge insights from human-performance science and data from high-performing companies to equip you with the insights you need to master this skill, providing a foundation to transform challenge and uncertainty into an opportunity for growth.

This webinar will provide you with an understanding of how to:

1. Develop your capacity to perform under pressure.

2. Enhance the quality of your thinking and decision-making.

3. Improve the cognitive capabilities which provide the basis for high-performance leadership.

4. Maintain energy and health when demands are high.

5. Recharge more effectively to sustain cognitive endurance.

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James Hewitt is a performance scientist, award-winning communicator, and advisor to some of the world’s most demanding clients, from Formula 1 teams to Fortune 500 corporations.


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James Hewitt
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