Start time: 9.30 am 

End time: 12.30 pm

Irish Management Institute 16 Sandyford Rd Dublin

IMI Masterclass: in association with Mason Hayes and Curran: Developing the Mindset and Skill Set for Peak Performance with Ruth Gotian

Announcement from the IMI organiser:

Nobody wakes up in the morning aiming to be average. Many people want to be successful but don’t know how to approach this path. They have the potential but need a plan. 

Globally recognised as a top 20 mentorship and leadership expert, Ruth Gotian outlines the methodological approach that individuals aspiring to improve their performance can adopt to achieve success. This is based on research and in-person interviews with astronauts, Nobel Prize winners, CEOs, and even Olympic champions.

In Ruth’s book ‘The Success Factor’, she identifies four shared attributes that, when developed in tandem, will deliver success.

This not to be missed Masterclass helps you reach peak performance by applying the lessons of high achievers:

- Understand why it is in the company’s best interest to focus on high achievers.

- Learn how high achievers view challenges.

- Understand the importance of a mentoring team and learn how to construct their own mentoring team.

- Come up with ways high achievers can learn new information, outside of a formal classroom.

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