IMI Webinar: Technostress - Break Unhealthy Technology Habits with Aoife Donovan Lee

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Irish Management Institute (IMI)

Start time: 12.00 pm

End time: 1.00 pm


Announcement from the IMI organiser: Technology blurs the lines between work and home life, now more than ever. The 'always-on' culture that we live in means we are constantly connected to our devices, making it feel as though our technology is controlling us - and not the other way around.

This technology overload is impacting on us more than we think, causing decreased productivity, lower job satisfaction and burnout. As leaders, finding a path to effectively deal with this technostress is critical to the health of ourselves, our teams and our organisations.
In this highly practical webinar, executive coach Aoife Donovan Lee will lay out a plan for leaders to break unhealthy technology habits, creating space for more focused work, better relationships and improved mental health.  

This webinar will reframe your thinking and provide insights on:

  • Identifying the five key technostress stressors
  • Research findings on technostress and what it means for individuals and organisations
  • How to employ a three-step process to break unhealthy technology habits

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Aoife Donovan Lee
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Aoife Donovan Lee is an organisational psychologist and executive coach with expertise in the areas of leadership, high performance, technostress, and building emotional capital. She is passionate about creating environments that support highly driven professionals to fulfil their potential through transitioning to a high performance mindset