Webinar: New Student Seminar

Event Type
Web Session

Start time: 3.00 pm

End time: 5.00 pm

Online: zoom

This event will be run as a live webinar using Zoom. Click here for information on using Zoom.

The 2021 New Student Seminar will take place on the 9th November from 3-5pm via Zoom.

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The aim of this seminar is to welcome new students to the profession and to brief them on the role of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland as well as introducing them to the Society’s Student Society and exploring the different practice areas an actuary will commonly work in.

The seminar also provides students with information on the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) exams  and we will be joined on the day by the IFoA’s Quality Manager, who will be available for questions afterwards.  The final agenda will be posted closer to the time.

All Student members who have not previously attended a New Students Seminar - and any actuarial students who have started employment (or will do so soon) but have not yet joined the Society - are strongly encouraged to attend.

The event is free of charge but it is necessary to book online.


Gráinne Mac Rory , Sarah Campbell, Lesley-Anne Carew, Daniel McAleese, Ciara Izuchukwu, Catriona McDonnell and Matt Tenant
Biographical details

Gráinne Mac Rory, Chairperson of the Recent Qualifiers Committee
Sarah Campbell, Member of the Recent Qualifiers Committee
Lesley-Anne Carew, Member of the Recent Qualifiers Committee
Daniel McAleese, Member of the Recent Qualifiers Committee
Ciara Izuchukwu, Member of the Student Committee
Catriona McDonnell, Member of the Society of Actuaries
Matt Tenant, Quality Manager, Institute & Faculty of Actuaries

Personal Development: This is a Personal Development Event.

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