Latest Trends in Life Products

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Web Session
European Actuarial Academy (EAA)

Start time: 9.00 am IST 

End time: 11.00 am IST

Online: zoom

Announcements from the European Actuarial Academy organiser: In this web session, we discuss present trends relating to life insurance products and the development of life insurance products. We will deal with savings, retirement as well as risk products.

With respect to savings and retirement products, we will tackle the challenge of combining safety and performance opportunity in the low interest environment. In this context we will also discuss investment-linked risk products.

With respect to the development of life insurance products, we talk about how a modular product development approach and cooperation can accelerate and innovate the development process which finally will also help at sales.

Risk products as term life, income protection and long-term care are important parts of the portfolio of a life insurer. Beside the well-known occupational disability cover, essential ability covers have seen an enormous development e.g., in Germany over the last 10 years as an inexpensive, but nevertheless powerful disability cover. Insurtechs and startups offer additional benefits and improve processes as underwriting and claims management. A short look at machine learning tools to derive best estimate rates will complete the web session.

If you are looking for insights into the latest product trends in life insurance, then joining this we session is a must! 

The web session is open to all persons that are interested in life insurance products and life insurance product development. Participants need not to have a deep knowledge in the discussed fields. However, a certain curiosity and an open mind set towards product innovation and modern product development projects may be helpful and beneficial..

Technical Requirements: Please check with your IT department if your firewall and computer settings support web session participation (the programme Zoom is used for this online training).

The aim of this web session is to provide insights into the current product landscape in life as well as the latest trends to run product development project faster and more innovative.

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Trends in savings and retirement products
Trends in risk products
How to accelerate and innovate product development
Trends in income protection, especially essential ability covers
Further Risk products and digitalisation
Machine learning and best estimate rates

Thomas Gehling, Frank Genheimer
Biographical details

Thomas Gehling
Thomas is an actuary and works as a freelance consultant. He focuses on biometric risk products and its product design, pricing and risk management up to the underwriting process and insurance conditions. An important current topic is digitalisation and machine learning. Before working as a consultant, he worked for a leading reinsurer and supported life insurer in product development. He studied mathematics and is a member of the German Association of Actuaries (Aktuar DAV). He was a member of the different working groups deriving mortality and disability tables and is now a member of the working group “Big Data and life insurance”.

Frank Genheimer
Frank is Managing Director and Partner with New Insurance Business (NIB), a consulting company that offers strategic and tactical consulting in the area of innovation and digitization for insurers and their cooperation partner.
NIB provides a portfolio of connected start-ups and cooperation partner as well as a set of jointly developed digital concepts.
Before Frank founded NIB, he worked as product developer, project manager, product manager and life actuary with different insurance groups and for several European countries.
Frank is a qualified member of the German and Swiss society of actuaries. In addition, he is a regular speaker and moderator at seminars, workshops and various other events throughout the financial service industry.