IMI Leadership Webinar: Future of Working - The Rise of the Hybrid Team Culture with Paula Milligan

Event Type
Web Session
Irish Management Institute (IMI)

Start time: 12.00 pm GMT

End time: 1.00 pm GMT

Online via zoom

Announcements from the Irish Management Institute (Organiser): The nature of how we work together has been irrevocably changed, presenting real leadership, team and cultural challenges for all organisations. 

This session will explore the concept of the 'hybrid team', how we can employ a 'Tight Loose Tight' approach for leading them and the strategies we need to implement to build trust and connection in a hybrid and virtual world of working.  

The key takeaways from this session will be:

  • Why there is an increasing need for compassionate and agile leadership in the post-Covid era and what this means for leaders
  • How to develop strategies to building trust and team connection through the 4 C’s of Agile Leadership
  • How to apply techniques for forming and leading a hybrid team and why mindset is critical 

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Paula Milligan, Lallo Consulting ltd
Biographical details

Paula Milligan is the Managing Director of the LALLO Consultancy business and has worked with clients across global markets in the field of 'Building a Culture of Trust' in order to bring about positive change. Paula has a unique understanding of the foundations that enable companies to build successful and effective teamwork and has been able to create strategies for solving fundamental organisational problems through her work.