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Webinar: Banking & Aviation Finance Committee: Banking Update

The recording of this webinar is available on actuview, here.

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Three members of the Banking of Aviation Finance Committee, Adia Wang, Niall Dillon, and John Caslin, will provide exclusive insights into three current issues in Irish banking.

  1. The implications of negative interest rates for bank deposits, IT issues for banks in implementing negative interest rates, implications of negative interest rates for commercial and retail customers, the level of negative interest rates, types of deposit experiencing negative interest rates will be examined by Adia Wang.
  2. Possible reasons why a number of retail banks announced their exit from the Irish market will be explored by Niall Dillon.
  3. Central bank digital currencies and crypto assets, the potential risks they pose to commercial banks, their role as alternatives to the US dollar, taxation of such assets, money laundering issues, and market abuse issues will be reviewed by John Caslin.
Biographical details

Adia Wang:  Adia is a Reinsurance Pricing Manager in Athora Ireland. Athora follows an asset-intensive reinsurance approach, offering a new reinsurance structure that allows insurers to dispose asset risks as well as liability risks. Adia’s responsibilities include pricing and structuring strategic asset allocations for reinsurance transactions with various European insurers. She previously worked as a consulting actuary in Deloitte and has a wide range of experience with insurance, reinsurance and banking projects. Prior to returning to the insurance industry, Adia spent four years in the banking and investment industry with expertise in structured product pricing and valuation. She holds a Bachelor of Actuarial and Financial Studies from UCD and completed her actuarial exams with a strong focus in banking and risk (ST6/ST9/SA5).  Adia is a member of the Society’s Banking & Aviation Finance sub-committee.

Niall Dillon: Niall is Head of Capital Management in AIB. Capital Management drives use of capital resources, as well as determining the level and quality of capital the Bank needs to support its strategic and financial objectives, commensurate with the risks to which it is exposed. Niall previously held a number of other roles in Asset & Liability management relating to liquidity and interest rate risk management. After 2 years in an actuarial capacity in Anglo’s insurance arm, in 2010, Niall joined the Balance Sheet Management Team in the Bank where he got first-hand experience in dealing with and de-risking a Bank suffering extreme credit losses and liquidity stress. Niall actively engages with local and other European industry bodies on the evolving Capital/SREP (and previously liquidity) regulatory environment and is a member of the Society’s Banking & Aviation Finance sub-committee.

John Caslin: John is the chairman of the Society’s Banking and Aviation Finance Committee. In 2020, he authored a banking discussion paper entitled 'The First ‘Real’ Test of IFRS 9 - The Economic Fallout from the COVID-19 Pandemic’ which was published on the Society’s website and, together will Niall Dillon, ran a banking webinar for the Society entitled "Walking the Tight Rope between Providing Liquidity to Individuals and Businesses during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Capital Adequacy". He has served as a director of iShares plc, a director of Alder Capital, and as a member of the investment committee of the board of Eagle Star (now Zurich). He is currently the Head of Investment Innovation at Aviva in Dublin.

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Web Session
Adia Wang, Niall Dillon and John Caslin