Webinar: A Deeper Dive on IFRS 17: Presentation & disclosure and technology, systems & data

Event Type
Web Session

Start time: 12.30 pm

End time: 2.00 pm


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This presentation is part of a series of IFRS 17 talks prepared jointly by the SAI life and non-life IFRS17 working groups. It is suitable for both life and non-life members.

This event is open to non-members and it may be of interest to accountants working in insurance.


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Members of the IFRS 17 working groups:
Francis Furey, Paraic Byrne, David MacCurtain, Brian Walsh, Miriam King and Niall Naughton who will be Chairing

LIA Accreditation: This event has been accredited by the LIA.

Institute of Bankers Accreditation: This event has been accredited by the Institute of Bankers.

Deep Dive: This is a Deep Dive Event.