IMI Webinar: Digital Transformation and the Hybrid Organisation

Event Type
Web Session

9.30am - 11am


Why have organisations struggled with digital transformation? In the second Mini-Masterclass session of the year, Tony Moroney will explain how leaders can navigate the challenges of this digital ‘tipping point’, how to adopt a digital-first mindset and why it is crucial to create a roadmap for digital transformation. 
This session will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the drivers and benefits of digital transformation
  • Create a framework to consider your own organisation’s digital transformation process
  • Understand the basis to critically assess your organisation’s progression, digital maturity and readiness for a hybrid world

Tony Moroney is Managing Partner with Beta Digital, a specialist digital transformation advisory firm and is a co-founder of the Digital Transformation Lab at University College Cork (UCC), an expert community spanning industry, consulting and academia.

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Tom Moroney, Beta Digital