Start time: 12.30 pm

End time: 1.30 pm


Webinar: Disaggregation – The Human Impact

If you missed this webinar, you can watch the recording on actuview, here.

The past year has highlighted the impact of isolation and loneliness. Loneliness, and isolation are feelings not unique to the present situation.

They have a negative impact on our lives and without mitigation has serious consequences for our mental health and general wellbeing.

During this event, we will explore how to address the scourge of loneliness and make us all feel more connected to each other and our world

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Biographical details

Andy Nazer is a highly accomplished and respected inspirational speaker, storyteller and independent consultant specialising in sharing the lived experience of loneliness and social isolation and the power of connection and belonging.

Cutting his teeth at the top of the music and entertainment business, where he worked for 25 years in a variety of executive roles working with some of the biggest names in the industry including James Brown, Frank Zappa, John Lee Hooker, Nina Simone and Johnny Cash, he used this experience to work in commerce, retail, health, social care, politics and local government in both the UK and Europe.

In 2017, after a number of years as an ambassador, Andy became Campaign Manager at the Campaign to End Loneliness, recognised worldwide as one of the foremost authorities on this issue. He played a pivotal role in the movement that has seen loneliness and the significance of human connection develop from being something people found easy to ignore - to become a growing worldwide priority.

Event Type
Web Session
Andy Nazer, Campaign Manager at the Campaign to End Loneliness