IMI Webinar: Five Home Wins- Thriving in a Working from Home World with Neil Kelders

Event Type
Web Session
Irish Management Institute (IMI)

Start time: 12.00 pm

End time: 1.00 pm


Announcements from the Irish Management Institute (Organiser):  Working from home has blurred the lines between home and work life, putting us under extra pressure and taking a toll on our collective mental health. Amid the unprecedented disruption of the pandemic in our lives, how can we cultivate a healthier mindset to not just survive in our makeshift home offices, but thrive?

Neil Kelders, who has been on a personal journey to conquer his own mental health problems, believes that we can get to a better headspace. Finding a way to be kind to ourselves in these trying times is a crucial piece in building up our mental fortitude and improving our overall wellbeing, whether it is at home or while working.

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  • communication with family or colleagues to reduce stress; 
  • planning and managing time effectively; 
  • staying connected; 
  • self-care;
  • forming productivity-building habits to stay on top of priorities;
Neil Kelders
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Neil specialises in the areas of Performance Coaching, Mentoring, Mental Health and Wellbeing Coaching. He actively works as a Mental Health Ambassador for ‘See Change’ and ‘First Fortnight’ and is also an active committee member of ‘See Change’, which rolls out the National Green Ribbon Campaign every May.