IMI Webinar: A Pragmatic Introduction to AI with David Kerrigan

Event Type
Web Session
Irish Management Institute

Start time: 12.00 pm

End time: 1.00 pm


Announcements from the Irish Management Institute (Organiser): Artificial Intelligence is progressing at incredible speed, and years of investment in AI are coming to fruition at an astonishing pace.

The key for business leaders is to understand what AI can and can’t do and why you should care. 

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David will provide an introduction to Artificial Intelligence for business leaders. He will:

  • provide a basic introduction to key technology terms and concepts;
  • discuss what AI can and can’t do;
  • focus on the real life business challenges and consider if AI is appropriate;
  • look at how to get started with AI in your organisation;
  • consider the business changes needed to support AI.
David Kerrigan
Biographical details

David Kerrigan is an author and speaker specialising in the impacts of Artificial Intelligence and Technology on society. He lectures at Stanford Continuing Studies on AI and Autonomous Vehicles.  He also presents on AI and Innovation at IMI. David is a founder and COO of London based software firm, Quikkly, which provides computer vision solutions to over 500 million users via Pinterest and Warner Bros among others.