Webinar: Prospects for COVID-19 Medicines (Revisited)

Event Type
Web Session

Start time: 12.30 pm

End time: 2.00 pm


This event will be run as a live webinar using Zoom. Click here for information on using Zoom.

This online presentation will consider the progress to date, prospects and timelines for vaccines and other medicines to prevent and/or treat COVID-19.  This presentation follows on from the “Prospects for COVID-19 Medicines” presentation given on 1 May 2020.

You can re-watch the “Prospects for COVID-19 Medicines” webinar via actuview or YouTube

This presentation should be of interest to all actuaries.

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Ivor O’Shea
Biographical details

Over the past decade, Ivor has invested in over 500 listed biotech companies.  Over one third of these biotechs developed medicines for infectious diseases.  As a result, Ivor has significant practical experience in assessing the prospects and timelines for potential new medicines.  Ivor also had a prior career in the life assurance & health insurance industries that lasted just under a combined quarter of a century.  Ivor is a member of the Society’s Healthcare Committee.

Deep Dive: This is a Deep Dive Event.

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