IMI Masterclass: The Phoenix Encounter Method with Ian Woodward

Event Type
Web Session
Irish Management Institute

Start time: 9.30 am

End time: 11.00 am


Announcements from the Irish Management Institute organiser: Organisations must innovate or they will fade into irrelevance. This innovation is never without cost, however, often requiring dismantling part or all of the incumbent business model in order to build a new breakthrough, future-ready organisation.

In this IMI Masterclass, Professor Ian Woodward, will explore the tools and methods needed for leaders to completely reimagine their business through his ‘Phoenix Encounter’ method. See Ian's short video on his upcoming session here.

Ian brings a vast array of commercial and public sector experience, having worked for major energy companies, the financial sector and governments. This Masterclass will demonstrate how the Phoenix Encounter method can create a much wider set of radical options for innovation, and how participants can revolutionise their organisation with a future-facing blueprint.

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Professor Ian Woodward, Director of INSEAD’s Advanced Management programme and co-author of the book ‘Phoenix Encounter Method: Lead Like Your Business is on Fire!