IMI Webinar: Future-Fit Leader Series 2: Cross Cultural Agility with Margit Takacs

Event Type
Web Session
Irish Management Institute

Start time: 9.30 am

End time: 11.00 am


As the world grows smaller, the potential marketplace gets bigger. Leaders looking to expand their organisation into new arenas know these moves will be full of challenges – from logistical to financial – but none is quite so fraught with missteps as expansion into new cultures. 

In the upcoming Future-Fit Leader Series session, Margit Takacs will explore the techniques for leaders to become more culturally dexterous, show strong cultural intelligence, and be a catalyst for their organisation’s expansion in new markets.

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Margit Takacs
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Margit is a Senior Change Management Consultant, Trainer and Speaker. With over 18 years’ of experience in global MNCs and the not-for-profit world in 7 countries, she works with teams and people from different paths in life to help them achieve their aspirations with change & resilience across cultures.