Modern Product Development in Life

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Web session
European Actuarial Academy

Monday, 21 September 2020

8.00 am - 10.00 am: Life Insurance Product Landscape (Part I)

12.00 pm - 2.00 pm: Life Insurance Product Landscape (Part II)

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

8.00 am - 10.00 am: Reconsider Life Risk Products / Aspects of Modern Product Development

12.00 pm - 2.00 pm: Live demo: How to develop modern life products today


Announcements from the European Actuarial Academy: Insurance business is under threat. Numerous topics put pressure on insurance business, products and product management: low interests, new regulations, new transparency, new requirements from sales channels and also retail clients, the advent of the technological movement in insurance («InsurTech»), and many more.

It is obvious that current best practice is not sufficient anymore and some product types are just not working any longer. Insurers need to change their product development fundamentally. It needs to be faster, innovative, sustainable, more flexible and pretty much closer to sales and clients.

The web session is suited for actuaries and actuarial trainees as well as insurance professionals who are directly or indirectly involved in product management, product development (projects), investment management, product strategy projects or corporate and business development in the area of life insurance. This online training is also suited for persons who have not yet gained a deep and long-term experience in product development in the area of life insurance.

Please check with your IT department if your firewall and computer settings support web session participation (the programme Logmein is used for this online training). A few days before the web session, there will be a test session offered to all registered participants to test the software.

The registration fee is € 450.00 plus 16% VAT. To make a reservation click here.


The web session deals with product development of life insurance products (i.e. saving and retirement products as well as risk products). 

Day 1 will give an overview on current life product landscape, focusing saving products. Thereby, we will pay attention on the general product technique as well as on the major performance drivers. Therefore, we will have now and then a deep dive into the area of assets and investments dedicated and eligible for life insurance products. Finally, we will also discuss some enhancements of basic life insurance products as well as new approaches.

Day 2 starts with risk products and potential enhancements in the digital age. Then we will turn our attention to major aspects of modern product development projects. Here we cover topics like digitization, user experience and agile development. In the afternoon, we wrap up major aspects of the web session in a live demo. This showpiece will demonstrate how fast and flexible modern product development projects can or better “should” be.

Dr Axel Wachsmann, Dr Elias Vicari and Frank Genheimer
Biographical details

Dr Axel Wachsmann
Axel joined Barclays in January 2019 as a managing director to co-head the cross asset solutions and rates sales for Germany and Austria. In this position he is together with his team in charge of institutional and indirect retail investment solutions as well as more flow rates product distribution. Before that Axel has been working in particular at Société Générale for more than 13 years, most recently as head of insurance distribution Europe (ex-France). His personal focus is life insurance products ranging from guaranteed funds to full hedging solutions of variable annuities. Axel started his carrier in 1994 as Risk Controller for Deutsche Bank. He studied mathematical economics in Bielefeld and in Lyon. His Ph.D. thesis dealt with equilibrium models including convertible bonds.

Dr Elias Vicari
Elias has been Chief Operating Officer of Squarelife Lebensversicherungs-AG since April 2013. Squarelife is a sister company of Lifeware AG, an innovative IT and outsourcing provider that has been providing services to numerous European life insurance companies in 17 national markets for more than 20 years. Elias has been involved in Squarelife's digital and agile product development for many years with the goal of implementing the end-to-end processes - application to SolvencyII calculations in an integrated system - for a new life insurance product in a few days.

Frank Genheimer
Frank is Managing Director and Partner with New Insurance Business (Switzerland), a consulting company that offers strategic and tactical business and management consulting for insurance companies and their cooperation partners. The focus of his work is set on innovations, new business strategy, products & related investments as well as cooperation management. Frank is a regular speaker and moderator at events, seminars and workshops throughout the financial service industry. Before he started his career as consultant in 2015, he worked within European life insurance industry for about eleven years.