SAI Book Club

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Start time: 6.00 pm

End time: 7.30 pm


In the last meeting of the SAI book club we discussed Mindfulness after reading The Mindful Day: Practical ways to Find Focus, Build Energy and Create Joy 24/7.

Now we are moving on to Mindsight. In the words of the author Daniel Siegel, “Mindsight is a kind of focused attention that allows us to see the internal workings of our minds…without being swept away by them.” Mindsight, The New Science of Personal Transformation by Daniel Siegel is the book we will be reading this quarter. This book focuses more on the workings of the brain and why and how mindfulness technical can have such an impact on minds and lives. All are welcome to share their thoughts on this book at the next book club meeting at 6pm on Tuesday the 28th of July.

Speakers/PresentersInteractive event - hosted by Orla Hennebry
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Orla is a GI consultant working for Willis Towers Watson and is a member of the SAI Lifelong learning committee.

Personal Development: This is a Personal Development Event.