Science-Policy Interfaces and the Environment

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Start time: 5.00 pm

End time: 6.30 pm


The Statistical & Social Inquiry Society of Ireland invites you to attend the sixth Ordinary Meeting of the 173rd session. The meeting is the Society's annual Symposium.

This year's Symposium is entitled "Science-Policy Interfaces and the Environment" and assesses the power of science to understand and navigate the relationships among the social, environmental and economic objectives of sustainable development, with the view to strengthening the Science-Policy Interfaces on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Environment targets, with a special focus on Ireland.

Following feedback from the last Ordinary Meeting, they are hosting the Syposium on the Zoom platform, which allows logging in through the Zoom app, through a web browser or by phone.

To attend the event, register here.

The specific details for attending will then be sent to you by email on Tuesday April 21st and again on the day of the event.

As ever, non-members are welcome to attend and participate in the discussion. Therefore, feel free to circulate to others who may be interested so that they may also register their interest and attend on the day.


The Symposium will be chaired by Danny McCoy (the Society's President and CEO of IBEC) and contain three papers: 

  1. The Future is Now: The Science-Policy Interface for achieving Sustainable Development, by Astra Bonini, UN Department of Economic & Social Affairs
  2. Developing solutions and informing Irish policymakers acros the pillars of Climate, Water & Sustainability, by Dorothy Stewart, Environmental Protection Agency
  3. Benchmarking Ireland's performance on Environmental SDG targets for policy-making, by Patrick Paul Walsh, UCD Geary Institute for Public Policy (and an Honorary Secretary of the Society)

Each paper will last 20 minutes, after which there will be an open discussion.

Astra Bonini, Dorothy Stewart and Patrick Paul Walsh