IMI Series Event, week 4: Wellness Week

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Blog, infographic, Podcast or video

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IMI’s mission and passion is to equip leaders to build the future.

They are launching a new content series which will deliver insights and inspiration to you digitally. 

They will focus on a theme every week and deliver insights through a podcast, blog, video or infographic that will help to boost your mental energy and disconnect from what is happening in the world for a short time.

Full content schedule here.

They also have a 'Lunchtime Listen' podcast series every week, that will get you out into the sunshine and exercise your body and mind.

If you are registering for the first time with the IMI, please use your work email and enter ‘Society of Actuaries in Ireland’ as your employer.


Week 4: Launching on the 13th April 2020

Podcast: How To Work Better, Not Busier

A podcast with IMI associate Dr Jill Walker that challenges our relationship with being busy. Learn practical ways to create space in our fast-paced world, as well as how to think about your work from a new perspective.

Listen here

Infographic: Sustainable Leadership Performance

We bring together the best advice for how leader can use wellness techniques to drive sustainable performance in themselves their team and their organisation – particularly during the COVID-19 crisis

Download here

Lunchtime Listen: Sustainable Leadership Performance with Dr. John Briffa

How much coffee is too much? How much should we be moving every day? In this Lunchtime Listen, we talk to Dr. John Briffa about how leaders can achieve peak physical performance – all while breaking a few myths about health and wellbeing.

Listen here

Interview: Mastering The Performance Mindset

We talked to Danica Murphy about why it is so crucial for the future-fit leader to have the right mindset supported with behaviours, practices and habits to succeed in an ever-shifting business landscape.

Read here