ACTEX eLearning Webinar: Ethical & Professional Implications of Character

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The webinar will begin at: 5.00 pm

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This webinar will provide a practical guide to both assessing your own character and the characters of others in your organization. Failing to adequately assess character and to take appropriate action can result in unnecessary stress, confusion and disruption in your life as a professional.

Understanding character is also important in helping you to actually develop your own character. Stephen R Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effectively People, considered character as a source of primary greatness. He said that “even the very best structure, system, style, and skills can’t compensate for deficiencies of character.

In a world that is becoming increasingly polarized, with impartial viewpoints harder to find, it is ever more important to be able to differentiate character to make better ethical sense of behaviors and events. Differentiating character is something in which actuaries and other professionals are not well-trained.

The webinar will look at some practical examples of how you can use character to create better ethical outcomes for you as a professional and for your employer or your clients.

Actuaries at all levels of experience will benefit from this webinar.

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Colm Fitzgerald, BAFS, MA, FSAI, FIA, Director of the Actuarial & Financial Studies program in University College Dublin (UCD).
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Colm Fitzgerald, BAFS, MA, FSAI, FIA

Colm is the Director of the Actuarial & Financial Studies program in University College Dublin (UCD). Before academia he had a successful career in financial markets, where he was Head of Quantitative Trading in Bank of Ireland Global Markets. He is an active volunteer in the actuarial profession. He is a member of Education Board and the Board of Examiners in the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries amongst other roles. In UCD, he teaches classical ethics, workplace skills, actuarial risk management, economics and finance.

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