POSTPONED: Webinar: Boardroom Presentations

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This course will give participants the techniques, structures and confidence to deliver memorable, understandable and persuasive presentations at Board level.

Presentations to the board or to management committees are among the most important communications that the participants may face in their professional life. And they are difficult interactions, particularly given they are presenting to an audience with varying levels of understanding of the core issues

This course will ensure that participants can make a strong initial impression, ensure that every member understands the key points of any presentation they give, immediately. It will also equip them with the tools to ensure that each board member remembers the salient pieces of date or information long after the day of the presentation. And they'll know how to do this in a confined and limited time frame.

In short, this session will give participants the skills to deliver clear, concise and impactful board presentations.

*** This session will now be run as a webinar.  Details have been sent to participants ***

Logistics on Boardroom Presentations as an online event:

The Communications Clinic will run the individual sessions via Zoom. 

The participants would come ready to deliver a 10-minute presentation at the start of the session.

After setting their objectives with the consultant at the start, they would deliver this presentation. The consultant would then review the presentation with the participant. They give immediate feedback and areas to restructure and rework. Through this assessment, they would detail the key principles of an effective presentation. 

The participant then takes ten minutes and immediately delivers five minutes of the presentation again. The consultant will lead them through this process. 

The entire session is recorded and sent to the participant that evening. This allows them to review their two presentations and the feedback given. 

The consultant is then on hand to answer any follow-up questions the participant has on a separate follow up call. 

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Personal Development: This is a Personal Development Event.