The ORSA Process, Lessons Learned? – A Case Study for the Standard Formula

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EAA - European Actuarial Academy

This is a 2 day event

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Capital and Risk management has always been a key activity for both Life/Health and Property & Casualty (i.e. non-life) Insurance companies and Groups. Since Solvency II is in place for a longer period now, the new risk based regulations lead to new and more formal challenges in this area: This includes a much more formal risk management approach and the need for conducting an “Own Risk & Solvency Assessment”. This seminar is an advanced seminar and is set up as a case study for companies who plan to fulfil the Solvency II Pillar 2 requirements with a standard formula. A good understanding of the standard formula approach and the basics of ORSA are required. The seminar will start with a short summary to the basics of ORSA and continue with the case study. The seminar will also include usual comments made by regulatory authorities on ORSA.

Do you want to learn based on a practical example how to solve key issues related to the ORSA and Enterprise Risk Management using a standard formula approach? If yes, you are welcome to take part in our seminar "The ORSA Process, Lessons Learned? – A Case Study for the Standard Formula" which is organised in co-operation with the Slovensko Aktuarsko Drustvo on 24/25 September 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The early-bird registration fee is € 790.00 plus 22% VAT and valid until 24 July 2018. After this date the fee will be € 970.00 plus 22% VAT.

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