IFoA Presidential Visit and Banking and Actuaries

Event Type
Evening Seminar
Society of Northern Ireland Actuaries (SoNIA)

Registration 17.30

Start 18.00

Networking and drinks 19.30

Close 20.30


Queens University Belfast, University Road, Belfast, BT7 1NN

Should banks employee actuaries?  Should actuaries consider transferring their skill set to a banking environment? 

Have you ever wondered how relevant actuarial training and experience could be when it comes to a wider field like banking? Why should actuaries consider working in a bank?

John Young, head of the Actuarial Member’s Interest Group on Banking believes actuarial skills can be highly useful for banks. This view comes from 14 years experience working in the retail bank at RBS, developing pricing models, customer value tools and considering strategy.  

This session covers the experiences and learnings from working in a bank. 

The session has four objectives: 

  • The journey to apply actuarial skills within  retail banking
  • A high level model of a bank that highlights  credit risk, pricing and liquidity. 
  • How these banking risks have exact counterparts in insurance
  • Tactical uses of the “actuarial toolkit”  for pricing and customer value

This is a practical session to highlight the challenges and opportunities for actuaries to play a role in the development of better banking. 

John’s session will be followed by a presentation from Iain Ritchie, PhD student at Heriot Watt University and an ARC sponsored student. Iain will draw in his PhD research and look at “What is funding liquidity risk and how can a bank manage it?”

If you would like to attend this session please email me, Tess Joyce – tess.joyce@actuaries.org.uk to reserve a place.

John Young, Ian Ritchie