Solvency II: Capital, Reporting and Governance

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European Actuarial Academy

We would like to draw your attention the EAA seminar "Solvency II: Capital, Reporting and Governance" on 5-6 April 2011 in Cologne.

As an actuary you daily apply methods and models. Data is being analysed, interpreted and a conclusion on the risks will follow. But the financial crisis has revealed the wide gap between mathematical models of risk and the reality of uncertainty. ‘Too many people were good at math but ignorant of history’ wrote David Brooks in the New York Times. As actuaries try to quantify the risk in their reserves, we must not make the same mistake.

How can models add value to the business planning and how can you use models in practice? Next to this, Solvency II is more than just models. That is why we will also discuss reporting and governance in this seminar. With respect to reporting we will deal with Solvency II reporting, but also the new exposure draft IFRS for insurance contracts. According to this exposure draft there are more differences between IFRS and Solvency II than we would have hoped.

Pillar II is also an important aspect within Solvency II. Most insurance companies do not focus on this subject. However, also actuaries have an important role within this pillar, with subjects such as ORSA, model validation and model governance. These subjects tighter with general governance and risk management principles will also be treated during this seminar.  

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