Council of the Society

The Council manages the affairs of the Society. Council is elected by the Fellow members of the Society.

The Council appoints working committees to undertake, under the direction of the Council, some of the detailed work of the Society. The committees work on current issues and research in such areas as demography, pensions, life assurance, general insurance, investments, health care, enterprise risk management, social policy, international actuarial issues and the education and training of actuaries.

2021/2022 Council


Sheeliagh Mailn

Sheelagh Malin was elected President of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland at the Society’s AGM on 8th June 2021.



Declan Lavelle

Declan Lavelle Vice President

Michael Culligan

Michael Culligan Honorary Secretary

Cecilia Cheuk

Cecilia Cheuk Treasurer
Immediate Past President    

Sean Casey

Sean Casey  
Council Members  
John Coggins Aidan O'Donnell
Paul Connor Alcarine Power
Niamh Gaudin Brid Quigley
Brendan McCarthy Jennifer Quigley
Gareth McQuillan Paul Torsney