Diversity & Inclusion - Mission Statement

The Society of Actuaries in Ireland is committed to creating and promoting an environment of diversity and inclusivity for all its current and aspiring members.

Diversity is about recognising, understanding and respecting our uniqueness and difference in terms of backgrounds, beliefs, life experience, perspectives, personality, skills. 

Inclusion is a matter of valuing and celebrating the diversity of our members - bringing together our unique perspectives and capabilities makes us more innovative, better positioned to meet the needs of our Society/members, employers and the wider community – together we are stronger. 


As a Society, we will:

  • Encourage behaviours, processes and practices that create a culture promoting equality, diversity and inclusion for all members
  • Work towards a position where the demographics of our membership are more diverse and the Society is recognised as welcoming to the widest strands of society;  
  • In the public interest, advocate for diversity and inclusion in the business environments in which our members work.  

Focusing on Members, we will:

  • Advocate that the services offered by the Society are accessible by all members
  • Create a culture of inclusion and growth to help members achieve their potential, where diversity of thought and uniqueness of perspective are encouraged and valued. This will be an open environment for members to freely discuss issues that impact their everyday lives 

For Employers, we will advocate for our members to:

Highlight the business case for encouraging diversity – diverse perspectives breed innovation.  Diversity of thought brings added-value to those who employ actuaries and to society in general. Diversity enhances problem solving:

  • Difficult questions are asked
  • Ideas are critically challenged
  • Alternatives are considered 

The Diversity, Equity, Accessibility & Inclusion (DEAI) Committee will devise relevant metrics and success measures to meet these goals and will hold themselves accountable.