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Title Published Author Publication Type Resource Type
Critical review of literature on enterprise risk management and the cost of capital: The value creation perspective Lai, Fong-Woon; Azizan, Noor Azlinna Paper Academic
Investigating the development of enterprise risk management in the insurance industry: An empirical study of four major European insurers. Madhusudan Acharyya Johnnie Johnson2 Paper Academic
Integrated risk management and the role of the risk manager L. Lee Colquitt, Robert E. Hoyt, Ryan B. Lee Paper Academic
ERM: a status report; A study funded by The IIA Research Foundation reveals how far organizations have come in developing enterprise risk management and internal auditing's role in the process Mark S. Beasley, Richard Clune, and Dana R. Hermanson . Article Commercial
Improving the relevance of risk factor disclosure in corporate annual reports Santhosh Abraham, Philip J. Shrives Paper Academic
Integration of incremental filter-wrapper selection strategy with artificial intelligence for enterprise risk management Te-Min Chang, Ming-Fu Hsu Paper Academic
Enterprise Risk Management Strategic Antecedents, Risk Integration, and Performance Yijia Lin , Min-Ming Wen & Jifeng Yu Paper Academic
Developing a Robust Risk Appetite Statement Jim Toole and Matt Stahl Paper Academic
Management Strategies in Multi-year Enterprise Risk Management Dorothea Diers Paper Academic
The role of strategic enterprise risk management and organizational flexibility in easing new regulatory compliance Vicky Arnold, Tanya Benford, Joseph Canada, Steve G. Sutton Paper Academic
Enterprising Views of Risk Management Russ Banham Article Commercial
Pension Risk Management in the Enterprise Risk Management Framework Yijia Lin, Richard D. MacMinn, Ruilin Tian, Jifeng Yu Paper Academic
Enterprise risk management: Application and case studies Kristina Narvaez Slides Academic
New Paradigm of Managing Risks: Risk and Control Self-assessment Deddy Jacobus Paper Academic
The organizational dynamics of Enterprise Risk Management Marika Arena, Michela Arnaboldi, Giovanni Azzone Paper Academic
Internal Control For Insurance Undertakings CEIOPS Paper Commercial
ERM-Qualitative Implementation Guide for Insurers George C. Orros, Jane Howell Paper Academic
Actuarial practice and control: objectives and capabilities Gribble, Julian D. Paper Academic
The challenge ahead: Adopting an enterprise-wide approach to risk Evan R Busman; Paul Van Zuiden Article Commercial
Quantification of Operational Risk: A Scenario-Based Approach Zeinab Amin Paper Academic
Optimizing enterprise risk management: a literature review and critical analysis of the work of  Wu and Olson Yongrok Choi, Xiaoxia Ye, Lu Zhao, Amanda C. Luo Article Academic
Enterprise risk management and firm performance: A contingency perspective Lawrence A. Gordona, Martin P. Loeba, Chih-Yang Tsengb Paper Academic
Enterprise Risk Management in the US Banking Sector Following the Financial Crisis Daniel Zéghal, Meriem El Aoun Article Academic
Enterprise Risk Management and Default Risk: Evidence from the Banking Industry Sara Lundqvist, Anders Vilhelmsson Paper Commercial
Does ERM Improve Firm Value? Evidence from Listed Chinese Nonfinancial SOEs Jing Ai, Hua Chen, Zhao Yang Paper Academic
Risk management and firm value: recent theory and evidence Timothy A. Krause and Yiuman Tse Paper Academic
The growing movement for enterprise risk management in government: the United States begins to catch up Thomas H. Stanton Article Academic
The Effect of Enterprise Risk Management Implementation on the Value of Companies Listed in the Nairobi Stock Exchange Nelson Waweru, Eric Simiyu Kisaka Paper Academic
Why firms implement risk governance – Stepping beyond traditional risk management to enterprise risk management Sara A. Lundqvist Article Academic
A Conceptual Framework for Enterprise Risk Management performance measure through Economic Value Added Muhammad Kashif Shad, Fong-Woon Lai Paper Academic